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 Pricing Structure

Personal Training in Leicestershire and Rutland

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Pricing Structure:

stefantaylorfitness offers a variety of personal training, nutrition and health-check services. This allows you to tailor our services to suit your budget and needs. Remember, we offer a bespoke service – if you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know and we will devise a package for you. Please contact us by telephone on 07811 28 42 92 or by email stating your requirements.

All of our packages are also available as gift vouchers.
Remember that the initial consultation with your trainer is free of charge and obligation.

stefantaylorfitness offers a standard rate for each session lasting up to 1hr 15min.

60-75 Minute Session £44.00
6 session block booking £252.00
10 sessions block booking £400.00
60-75 Minute Partner Training £55.00
6 session block booking £312.00
10 sessions block booking £500.00

You can share the experience and pain of personal training with a friend or partner. Each client will receive a personal training programme to ensure you progress outside of their training sessions.

Initial Consultation:

During your free consultation we will go through your health questionnaire outlining your individual requirements and goals.
Also during this session your trainer will discuss and analyse your body statistics including Blood Pressure, Peak Flow, Body Weight, Body Fat and BMI before taking vital body measurements.  Your program will be written for you based on these results and will be updated as you start to achieve your goals and improve your fitness levels.
You will also be given your food diary for completion to allow us to analyse your nutritional intake prior to giving you a plan to follow to assist your progress to feeling energized and full of confidence.

Session One:

You will be given your nutrition plan to start to follow immediately.  This session will also be your introduction to the ‘Utilisation of Your Core’ with each and every stefantaylorfitness client being shown the most up to date ways of using your Core section to give strong and powerful movement during exercise and daily life requirements.

Session Two:

This will be the start of your individual program, working towards the individual goals laid down and discussed during the Initial Consultation.  Now lets’ get you back to feeling great.


If you require a Fitness Program and are currently training but you aren’t gaining the benefits from your efforts, then stefantaylorfitness can provide you with a structured and progressive 4 or 6 week program that will both challenge you and allow you and work towards your required goals.  This package will include a full assessment including that experienced during the Initial Consultation.

The full assessment will then be repeated at the end of the desired time period and results will be discussed with you and guidance on further training methods.


You will recieve a one-on-one session with our trainer to discuss your current nutritional patterns including and specific requirements you may have.  Our nutritionist will then maximise your results and provide you with a personalised food plan.

For further information or to book a consultation please contact us

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